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ACtor | Athlete | Ambitious

Bryce Michael Wood is an American actor from Phoenix, AZ. He is the only son of Andrew and Janelle Wood. Bryce Graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor of Arts (Film Television Theatre). He was a Division-I Hurdler all four years he attended the University of Notre Dame. Bryce is currently in pursuit of his MFA in Acting at the University of Connecticut under the direction of Dale AJ Rose.

"I pride myself in my athletic ability as an actor. While I was at Notre Dame I was a hurdler on the track team. For as long as I can remember I have lived a life dedicated to athletics and physical fitness, which has not only paid for my education but has also allowed me to perform on large stages throughout the country and around the world. I attack my creative process as an actor with the same tenacity, dedication and discipline."

"I am committed to becoming an actor who engages the audience to reflect on their life and life commitments. I want to evoke a passion that hopefully inspires self-reflection and ultimately incites change for the better."

"My personal goals as an artist in the theatre are to inspire the next generation of artists to redefine their craft and continue to want more from their craft. As an African American actor I have the opportunity to change the landscape of theatre for all artists of color. "


Bryce Michael Wood